Trump’s plans for Kluge properties? “Absolutely no idea”


Business tycoon Donald Trump’s interest in former winery owner Patricia Kluge’s three foreclosed properties—Vineyard Estates, the Kluge Winery & Vineyard, and Albemarle House, representing $65 million in liens—emerged suddenly last week. However, locals anticipating the rapid arrival Trump-branded resort or golf course shouldn’t hold their breath.

Asked about his plans for Kluge’s properties, Trump told the Washington Post that he had "absolutely no idea." He described the deal as "minor," and said his interest in the properties stemmed from his "respect for John [Kluge] and Pat." Steve Blaine, a local attorney representing Trump’s interests in the properties, described Kluge, her husband Bill Moses and Trump as "social acquaintances."

Les Goldman, a D.C.-based business advisor to Trump, told C-VILLE that the acquaintances represent a "potentially cooperative effort" but no official collaborations have been announced at this time. Cooperation among the three, said Goldman, "could provide [Kluge and Moses] with the opportunity to continue to be involved with a big part of their life’s work." Read more details here.