Trump: Not in my front yard


Ever heard the expression, "Not in my back yard"? Donald Trump certainly has. However, the business tycoon and Albemarle County winery owner is more concerned with his newest front yard at the moment.

In addition to his $6.2 million purchase of former Kluge Estate Winery & Vineyard properties, Trump also bought 200 acres of land that surround Albemarle House Drive and stand between the 45-room mansion once owned by bankrupt Albemarle resident Patricia Kluge and Carter’s Mountain Road, which leads to the Albemarle House gates. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Trump has placed "No Trespassing" signs on the front lawn and left the property untended as a disincentive for potential buyers, declaring anyone who would still pursue the property to be "stupid."

Trump has reportedly offered to pay $3.6 million for the home, which Bank of America bought back at foreclosure auction for $15.3 million. The bank then listed it for a $16 million asking price—well below the $100 million mark previously sought by Kluge.

How much of a disincentive is Trump’s front yard for potential buyers? Check out the map below and be the judge. However, the property is also under conservation easement, which could potentially make it an inconvenience for Trump, should the house sell. 

Albemarle House is located on the tract outlined in thick pink (above), and is surrounded by more than 500 acres owned by Trump.