Too much sugar for a nickel


The pause that refreshes. Put a nickel in the machine and out popped a shapely bottle of tasty effervescence. A few gulps and you were on your way. It was a Coke and it was six ounces.

Six ounces! Recently I went to a convenience store and the only Coke available was a 20-ounce dirigible. Way more than I needed. Go to a fast food restaurant and a "small" is large, maybe three of those Cokes of yore.

Soft drinks are loaded with sugar and my point is obvious. For many people soft drinks are the beverage of choice and it is obviously a major contributor to our plague of obesity. For a long time, milk was my automatic thirst quencher until I discovered the simple and economical pleasure of ice water. In the summer, a big glass is a highlight to a meal. A simple pleasure. (And, I must add that sometimes a Pepsi, Coke, etc. hits the spot.)

Ivana Kadija, as a crusader for better nutrition in our schools, emphasized reducing sugar as she ran on that platform for the Charlottesville School Board. While we want members who are grounded in all issues, there is something to be said for a one-issue candidate. The attempt to accomplish that got my vote. Ivana did not win, but it is hoped that her input will make a difference.

If people here drank fewer soft drinks, Charlottesville might have its own version of "The Biggest Loser"!