To Uganda, without moving an inch

To Uganda, without moving an inch

Maybe it was the full moon; maybe it was spring fever. Whatever the reason, people started acting peculiar at UVA April 2, and they kept going throughout the week—kept going and going, actually—without ever really going anywhere.

Building Tomorrow, a national nonprofit organization supporting education efforts in sub-Saharan Africa, sponsored an event called Bike to Uganda last week at UVA. Participants signed up for 30-minute slots on 10 stationary bikes set up around campus and obtained sponsorship in hopes of going the distance—7,300 miles, to be exact, the approximate distance from UVA to Kampala, Uganda—and raising the remainder of the $32,000 needed to build a school in the outskirts of Kampala.

All profits from the event will go directly to the school, says Mary Slosson, director of Building Tomorrow’s UVA chapter. “It’s been fantastic,” she says. “In all honesty, it’s been beyond my wildest dreams of how successful I thought it would be.”

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