Their favorite things

Their favorite things

Omnitech 1Gig Flash Drive

“[It] has it all…looks, brains, and brawn. It has a capsule-like body with a soft rubber, black matte coating that makes it more fun than a flash drive should be to handle. The cap slides on and off with a reassuring glide and stop, no Swiss Army knife folding nonsense.”—Rob Tarbell, computer graphics instructor, PVCC

RADIUS Scuba toothbrush
“Ergonomic design is sort of ugly, but it works. Also love the fact that sustainable materials and packaging are used. Also it’s a pretty cool company.”—Lisa Ross, partner in the advertising firm Payne, Ross & Associates

A Sony Cybershot DSC-T700 pocket camera
“It is a tiny, beautifully crafted physical object…It has two obvious buttons, one hidden button and a small slider…but it is also enormously complex, sporting hundreds of features you may want to use.”—Jim Gibson, graphic designer and founder of Gibson Design Associates

Carabineer key chain
“One of the most useful small objects that I use every day …It’s like a mountain climbing device with a loop and a sprung gate. I use them for all of my keys. You can hook them to almost anything.”—Kenny Shreves, owner, race-car garage Werkstatt

Dyson vacuum cleaner
“[It] is an amazing design. We actually took turns vacuuming when we brought it home from the store. I mean, like, immediately. When design inspires me to clean, it’s pretty impressive.”Martha McLeod Keith, jeweler

LaCie external hard drive, designed by F.A. Porsche
The LaCie hard drive’s form is minimal, simple and elegant. The metal of the drive is a soft brushed darker gray, which gives it a muted and unassuming presence. Each surface of the drive is smooth and unmarked, save for a few indentations…to mark logo/name on the side, or…just the single small circle of the “on” light.”—Kristin Adolfson, owner, Still Point Press

My pen point (known as a nib) holder
“The way it feels in the hand is very important to its effective function and performance. It was designed by a master penman…made from Osage Orange, a shrubby tree that grows wild around here and that Lewis and Clark reported back to Jefferson was a wood valued by Indians for the crafting of their bows.”—Heather Belle Rolfe, calligrapher, Heather Belle Ink

Leather bag

“I found this leather bag in an Italian flea market a few years ago. I don’t know how old it is, but it is made of very thick leather with a patina you can’t manufacture. It is so simple: one big pocket, a little pocket, and a strap.”—Alexander Kitchin, co-owner, PRETTYHARD fine concrete