The seal of Albemarle County’s in need of makeover

The seal of Albemarle County’s in need of makeover

Displayed prominently over the stage at the newly renovated Lane Auditorium in the County Office Building is the seal of Albemarle County (  This icon of our county home obviously represents a time and place when life was slower and simpler.

Historically, not much is known about the seal.  What is known by representatives of the Albemarle County Historic Preservation Committee is that the seal is one of the oldest of its type within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Unlike others in Virginia, Albemarle’s is in color and is more than just a coat of arms or document seal.

I first developed an interest in the seal while attending an Albemarle County Planning Commission meeting last month.  It was at that meeting that the latest information was shared by Biscuit Run developers.  Public comments following the presentation were unanimously opposed to the development and its consequences.  Always thoughtful, and at times passionate, speakers voiced their objections along a number of fronts.

High above the proceedings that evening stood the large seal of Albemarle County. I was awestruck by the irony.

If a seal is to truly represent the nature of this homeland, then it’s time to redesign Albemarle’s.  Ours is under assault.  Based on recent history and future proposed developments, the image above is an updated rendition to consider for Albemarle’s government officials.

Doug Horwitz has resided in the Charlottesville/ Albemarle area since1979 and currently lives in Mill Creek South.