The dating game


“More to Love”
Tuesday 9pm, Fox

From the creator of “The Bachelor” comes “The Fatchelor.” At least, that’s what my bitchy friends call this new dating show. In truth, “More to Love” raises some interesting cultural questions. While the “Bachelor” franchise has had 13 seasons (and five of its “Bachelorette” spin-off), the vast majority of its contestants have been rail-thin with model looks. Since a significant portion of America has some junk in the trunk, how is that reality? “More” features a chunky bachelor (Luke Conley, 26, 6’3”, more than 300 lbs.) choosing between 20 plus-sized ladies. There are arguments that the show could be exploitative, or if nothing else, sets a double standard—why can’t big girls have a shot at a normal-sized guy? One thing’s for sure: Between this and “Dance Your Ass Off,” it’s a great time to be fat.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta”
Thursday 10pm, Bravo

During its first season this show helped redefine Bravo’s “Housewives” shows. Not only did it score the highest ratings for the franchise, but it formally cast off any remaining airs of legitimacy and firmly embraced its trashy, “Jerry Springer”-ish roots thanks to break-out star NeNe Leakes’ battling ways, especially her reunion-show throwdown with former friend Kim Zolciak. Season 2 brings back four of the five original women, with basketball wife DeShawn Snow replaced by former Xscape member/songwriter Kandi Burruss, reportedly because producers didn’t feel Snow brought enough drama.

“Megan Wants a Millionaire”
Sunday 9pm, VH1

After providing invaluable snark and bitchery to four other reality TV programs, Megan Hauserman has graduated to her own starring role in a VH1 dating show. (Hey, if dim, waxen-faced Daisy de la Hoya can get one, surely Megan is deserving.) Hauserman cultivated a love-her-or-hate-her fan base by winning “Beauty and the Geek 3,” coming in fifth on “Rock of Love 2,” fourth on “I Love Money,” and then getting kicked out of “Charm School” and having chunks of hair ripped from her head by Sharon Osbourne during the reunion special. It was amazing. Hauserman plays the ditzy blonde role to perfection, but she has proved many times over to be as cunning, ruthless and quotable as VH1’s other self-created star, New York. We’ll have to see how she fares running the game instead of scamming it, as she selects between 16 rich himbos, most of whom are beyond tragic. Can’t wait.