The Spirit moves her


This letter is in response to the Curtain Calls write-up about my involvement with this year’s Spirit Walk [“Watch and learn,” September 25, 2007]. The reference to community theater and Waiting for Guffman was a joke that, in print, could be misconstrued without context to be hurtful and alienating to theater groups in our area. All artists are swimming upstream these days, and I don’t want my words to make things more difficult.

The reference to Waiting for Guffman is not a complete depiction of my real feelings about community theater. Nor was the article a forum in which to elaborate. As to my “fear,” I am daunted by the task to which so many of our local artists and performers have dedicated themselves (mock-umented in Waiting for Guffman): the running of a theater with local talent, little time, day jobs and real lives. I respect and salute all who endeavor to keep theater alive in this region. I wish I had the cahones to start up an independent theater. My reference to Live Arts was simply meaning that Live Arts is my artistic home in this town, my family and theirs work together well, and they too constantly strive to keep volunteers coming in the door to make things happen.

If you are a community member who has not visited Live Arts, The Hamner Theatre, Play On, New Lyric, Four County Players, Offstage, or any theater in our area, I encourage you to do so. You will be surprised at the surfeit of professional talent in this area.

Mendy St.Ours