Taxman taketh


Mr. Slutzky should

(1) stop whining about taxpayer’s complaints

(2) stop trying to seek emotional cover with his stereotypical “think of the children” emotional appeals, and

(3) if he thinks Richmond is his political cover to our local problems, be voted out of office.
We taxpayers keenly feel that the needless taxation resulting from Albemarle County supervisors comes, in pertinent part, from giving local developers a subsidy—DEVELOPER WELFARE [“County Attacked for Tax Rate,” Government News, April 10]. This developer-cost socialization (tax money) is our earnings that we need to cover our own elective, but necessary, expenses.

In case Mr. Slutzky and other “like-minded” politicians forgot, we taxpayers need to develop budgets to meet our expenses and then hope to have money left for rainy-day stuff, college tuition, vacations and the like. We can’t tell our employers that they must pay us more to offset the forcible taking of earnings enabled by local politicians. So we cut back and forego expenditures to fund supervisors’ decisions that do not offer resultant benefits.

So for folks like Mr. Slutzky, we expect governance and real stewardship. This means that we taxpayers are not cash cows for ignorant or foolish decisions made by the supervisors.
For us all, but mainly for the supervisors, remember we vote. We all know when our pocketbooks are looted and we don’t care what political party you follow.

Finally for Mr. Slutzky, in particular, it is shameful to see an elected official crying about taxpayer complaints. What’s the matter with you? You should instead be addressing those complaints. If those complaints move you to whining, then you really need to get some other job where attentiveness, stewardship and compassion are not necessary.
Stop giving others the shirt off my back and then objecting to my complaints.
Tony Deivert

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