Swap seeds, online and locally, all at once!


I wish I were this cool, but I’ll have to settle for knowing Cris Edwards, a C-VILLE employee and the brains behind seedlin.gs, the niftiest website idea I’ve heard in a while. Check it out here. Cris has an awesome notion—that people can swap heirloom, organic, non-GMO, and/or wild-cultivated seeds through a free website.

I love it. As we speak, a little dish of Brandywine tomato seeds (and pulp) is getting stinky in our kitchen. (Saving tomato seeds involves a little fermentation.) I’d love to be able to trade a few of those for okra or muskmelon or some kind of flower I’ve never heard of, just to try it out. After all, buying a ton of different seed packets can get expensive. And as Cris’s video makes clear, plants can have a lot of meaning in the personal, family, historical kind of way. Trading with other gardeners makes the heart grow even fonder.

Make a little donation, send a note of support, whatevs.