Summer 2011: Check her bag


The phrase “perpetual motion” comes to mind when the name Hyam Hosny pops up. The Clay Fitness owner, nutrition counselor and personal trainer rises at 4:45am, gets to her studio an hour later and doesn’t stop moving until 3pm—only occasionally does she break for lunch. (Don’t worry; she keeps up her energy by munching on healthy snacks throughout the day.) Here, we take a peek inside her purse.


The bag: “I got it at Sustain. I’ve always been a side holder.”
Solid perfume: “For when I smell bad.”
Checkbook bag: “I have so many [personal and business] checkbooks to carry around and I’m always losing them.”
Wallet: “I love it,” she says. “It’s all recycled trashbags.”
Trail mix: “I’m standing up training people all day, so this is what I eat.” She heads to Rebecca’s Natural Foods or Integral Yoga to stock up.
Race belt with headphones and iPhone: Kind of like a fanny pack, this little pouch holds Hyam’s phone while she exercises. “I can get calls and listen to music while I’m running.”
Lotion: Working with clients’ bodies all day, Hyam washes her hands often, leaving them pretty dry. “This isn’t greasy and there’re no parabens.”
Dog food: “I’m a nutrition counselor, so my dog gets all organic food.”
Sunglasses: Hosny nabbed these Bollé sunglasses at a running shop in DC. “I love them because they’re lightweight, comfortable and a small frame,” she says.