Students to protest sign-ban at Maryland game

Students to protest sign-ban at Maryland game

This afternoon, Tees Overseas, a student campaign to promote University tradition and help those in need abroad, officially announced this afternoon its endorsement of the sign-ban protest at Saturday’s football game.

Students are encouraged to wear blue instead of orange in an effort to contradict the University’s recent "Power of Orange" campaigning. In addition to moral support, Tees Overseas will provide donation bins for those who want to do away with their orange apparel altogether.

The sign ban was announced in early September by the school’s athletic department, and was protested once before when students held up blank paper at a game against Richmond.

This latest protest attempt at Saturday’s game against Maryland promises to be a bit more colorful. The press release mentions, "If you don’t have blue, anything but orange will do."



In early September, UVA students executed their first sign-ban protest by holding up blank sheets of paper.