Strip clubs equal bad food


Strip clubs equal bad food

What the heck do we need a strip club for? Overpriced drinks, bad food, young women with wrecked lives and few job skills? Are we really deficient if we don’t have one of these institutions and their pathetic clientele?

Konrad Zeller


Bring us your English-speaking huddled masses

Your pathetic attempt at journalism wherein you seek to denigrate Virgil Goode [“As Goode as it gets,” Odd Dominion, June 26, 2007] makes me respond in his defense. I am a second-generation citizen whose predecessors came to this country LEGALLY! They went through Ellis Island and learned English. There were no signs in their native language or the language of their fellow “LEGAL” immigrants. While they kept some of the traditions of their place of origin, they wanted to be Americans and they became good citizens. Apparently, you seem to sneer at people like this and mock Virgil Goode since he has the same values as those “LEGAL” immigrants. I am a WWII veteran and former Navy pilot, a graduate engineer and law school graduate who relocated to Virginia from New York at retirement. I am damn glad that Virgil Goode is my congressman and will support him.

Frederick W. Kahler


Not my patriotism

I am writing in response to the letter written by J. Bruce Eckert [“Not a Goode citizen,” Mailbag, July 3, 2007]. I did not read the article about Goode [“As Goode as it gets,” Odd Dominion, June 26, 2007], because I think he is a fool. I am angered that Eckert feels he has the right to give the readers a lecture on patriotism. I would like to ask him, what exactly does it mean to be patriotic? Is it flying a flag? Or is it, hating anyone who isn’t a white, Republican?

Our country is based on the separation of church and state, so I suggest he go back to school and take a civics course. I also would like to say: Take a look around, we live in a nation that accepts all religions and nationalities. This is FREEDOM! I would think it is patriotic to support all the freedoms we enjoy, not to say only a few can be privy to them. Eckert tells the author to go move to a Muslim country. What would that be? And while he didn’t directly say it, most think it is an Arab country and that is wrong. Only 15 percent of Muslims live in an Arab country; most live in Indonesia. With thinking like this, I would like to ask, what next, Mr. Eckert? Muslims should ride in the back of the bus?

C. Morrison

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