Stink balm

Been spending too much time in a smoky private club (not, I repeat, not a restaurant)? When you get home, do you smell like an ash tray? Here are some simple tips to get your garments smelling fresh and clean.
First, simply try washing the clothes. Use your favorite detergent (though a few Internet forums on this topic recommend Tide) and toss in a little white vinegar, which will cut through the resin and tar that the smoke leaves behind.
If that doesn’t work, hang the garment in a trash bag, sealing off the bottom except for a small 6" hole. Set an open can of freshly ground coffee in the bag and seal the hole. Leave the garment undisturbed for 24 hours and then carefully remove both the can and the clothing from the bag.
Still feel like you got dressed in a pool hall? Use the above method, but swap out the coffee container for a bowl of charcoal briquettes. If left for 24 hours, the briquettes—much like the coffee—should absorb the smoke smell.

And, if all else fails, wash and hang your garment outside to dry. There’s nothing better for your clothes—or your lungs, for that matter—than fresh air.