Spring 2011: Check her bag


Paraguay-born Gloria Rockhold lives in 12-year cycles. Five years into the current one, the Latino liaison for Albemarle County Schools says she feels “perfectly placed.” With a focus on education, she fills her days coordinating programs for underprivileged minorities, like the photography project she arranges with The Bridge/PAI or the after-school program she oversees at Southwood Community Center. Here, we take a peek in her purse.—Caite White

Bag: This hand-tooled leather tote, made by artisans in Paraguay, helps keep Rockhold’s many personal items at bay. “I need to keep things organized,” she says. “Otherwise it all gets tangled at the bottom.” 
Hair comb: In the absence of a decent clip, Rockhold often ends up using pencils to hold her hair in place. “It always gets in the way,” she says.
Comme Il Faut shoes: On Fridays, Rockhold takes dance classes from Charlottesville Tango in the Glass Building. “These are my practice shoes; they’re a bit distressed,” she says.
Bag for pens and pencils: A faithful user of the fountain pen, Rockhold likes to keep all of her writing utencils in one place. “I never seem to have enough.”
Media bag: Rockhold tucks away headphones, flash drives and her flip camera in this pouch from Paraguay. 
Jo Malone Body Lotion: Rockhold loves this lotion for its strong rose scent. “It’s kind of aromatherapy-ish,” she says. 
Wallet: “Just a small wallet,” she says.
Candy: “I always have candies,” she says. “I got these licorice ones from Lisbon last week.” 
Lipstick: A small pouch from Anthropologie keeps Rockhold’s many tubes of lipstick in one place. “My lips are dry all the time.” 
Reading glasses: “I have a collection because I always lose them,” Rockhold says.
Makeup bag: A Prüne bag from Buenos Aires holds Rockhold’s Bobbi Brown makeup. 
Apple iPhone: Rockhold says this is an essential item for her. “It allows me to stay connected and for families to call me.”
L’Occitane lotion: “This just feels so good on my hands.”