Sore spot

Sore spot


Sore spot

Loved your article on the ugliest buildings in town [“Walls of shame,” September 30, 2008], but wondered how you could have missed the worst eyesore in Charlottesville. Especially since you are forced to look at it every time you drive into town on McIntire! The 300 Preston Ave. building on the corner of McIntire is so unsightly it boggles the mind that it was ever approved to be built. If you do a follow-up article on More Ugly Buildings, I do hope you will include this atrocious piece of “architecture.”

Delia Laux
Albemarle County

Very interesting suggestion

As a concerned citizen, I am deeply indebted to the 21st century minds of the brilliantly insightful C-VILLE Weekly “Edit Staff” who know the difference between the Parthenon and a Panera and who, in the spirit of the noble tradition of educated and knowledgeable people with impeccably good taste, have “taken it upon ourselves” to call public attention to these horrible six buildings. It truly is amazing that these buildings were approved and built in Charlottesville, “an architect’s town” with a Board of Architectural Review separate from its Planning Commission. WWTJD, indeed. What is needed is more architectural review and more of those wonderful televised public hearings.  Perhaps the BAR could be expanded to 15-20 citizens with qualifications equal to your staff’s or perhaps your staff could comprise an Architectural Review Appellate Board. Something must be done.
Thornton G. Sanders