Son of UVA president will visit campus to speak about vampires


Joseph Laycock doesn’t bite, but knows a thing or two about those who might. Laycock, author of Vampires Today, will speak to a small UVA audience next week as part of the school’s EngageUVA Flash Seminar series. With Halloween rapidly approaching, Laycock’s appearance is well-timed. However, the visit to Charlottesville should particularly suit him. Laycock, it turns out, is UVA President Teresa Sullivan’s son. So, the UVA president’s son is a vampire scholar. Who knew?

And a pretty popular one, at that. Laycock’s enjoyed a lot of attention since the advent of "True Blood" and the Twilight series. (Haven’t we all?) For information on Laycock’s appearance, e-mail Or, watch an excerpt from his appearance on Geraldo below.