Some charges against Strom dropped

Some charges against Strom dropped

Ever since Kevin Strom was arrested at the beginning of this year on charges of possessing child pornography on his computer, as well as for witness tampering, his troubles have only gotten worse. Not only was he imprisoned, but he was barred from contact with his own children. Four months later, he had more charges added when the prosecution filed a superseding indictment accusing him of trying to entice a 10-year-old to engage in sexual activity, and added more counts of possession of child pornography.

The testimony of Kevin Strom’s wife wasn’t enough evidence to convict him for sexually enticing a minor and witness tampering.
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Finally, on October 3, Strom, an avowed white supremacist, received good news when a federal judge dismissed some of the charges against the 50-year-old local resident, throwing out the enticement and witness tampering counts for lack of evidence. The judge’s ruling came despite testimony from Strom’s wife—the witness in question—that he physically attacked her when she threatened to report his alleged possession of child pornography and enticement of the girl. Testimony that investigators discovered love letters to a girl on his computer was also offered, apparently to no effect.

While those related charges were dismissed, Strom still faces multiple counts of possession of child pornography that will be taken up in January when his trial reconvenes.

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