Solve your style

Solve your style

Many of us think of ourselves as decent dressers. At least we think our attire isn’t shameful—not like those people on TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” But most of us don’t have the benefit of secret video footage to reveal the truth, nor do we have truly objective observers around to say, “Yes, those jeans do make your butt look fat, and no, with your face shape, you can NOT pull off Posh Spice’s asymmetric bob.”

Debbie Louis shops like a pro. Actually, she is a pro—which may be just what your closet needs.

But there is someone out there who finally can help us set the record straight: Debbie Crosby Louis, local personal shopper and image consultant. Her services range from a full-scale closet, make-up and hairstyle audit for $800 to $1,000, to personal shopping for $150 per hour—in the latter case, she’ll visit the stores ahead of time and gather up all of the stuff that’s perfect for you.

Louis started in the image business in New York City 15 years ago, after she gave up an investment banking career to become a make-up artist. (She still has her own mineral make-up line called Deché.) Louis says the greatest part of her job, which she’s been doing locally for 10 years, is improving her clients’ self-esteem. She helped one client, a breast cancer survivor, determine that she’d been wearing the wrong size prosthesis for 14 years, and she says that another previously style-challenged client gratefully told her, “Deb, you took the mystery out of it.” Contact Louis at or 466-4509.