Snap Judgments


We have a winner!

Congratulations, Johnny St. Ours. As the Best in Show winner of C-VILLE’s Summer Photo Contest you have won a $250 gift card from The Great Frame Up. Stop by C-VILLE, 106 E. Main St., to pick it up.

Meet the Judges

Will Kerner has been doing docu-mentary photography work at home and abroad for 30 years. He shows work from his travels regularly at McGuffey Art Center. Recent assignments include work with the Building Goodness Foundation in Haiti and Guatemala, and with Operation Smile in Paraguay, Vietnam and Kenya. He is a founder of Live Arts, where he has built a substantial archive since 1990. He is also a founder of Light House, the youth media center. Commercially, he is a wedding photojournalist. See his work at

Robert Llewellyn has been a photo-grapher for over 35 years and has more than 30 books of his photography in print. His most recent book was Albemarle: A Story of Landscape and American Identity. His latest project, also with writer Avery Chenoweth, is Empires in the Forest: Jamestown and the Beginning of America. This book, to be published this fall, is a story in photographs and words of the clash between the English and Powhatan Indians in 1607 Virginia.

Leah Stoddard is the director of Charlottesville’s Second Street Gallery, a nonprofit art space founded in 1973. Since January 2000 she has curated nearly 60 exhibitions for the gallery, presenting works by over 300 local and nationally recognized artists. She has an M.A. in art history and criticism from the State University of New York, Stony Brook. From 1994 to 1999, she was associate curator and registrar at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Summer Photo Contest. Rarely is our office so full of day-brightening images of darling children, goofy pets and funny locations. Good times!