Six exclusive Best of 2009 videos


Dan Epstein, whose restaurant, Eppie’s, has been runner-up for "Best meal under $10" for the past three years, wants you to vote for the Downtown Mall restaurant next year. Here, his PSA.









Pen Park is a perennial winner in the "Best park for kids" category. So we took a camera to the park to ask a few moms: Why do you come to Pen Park? Behold, their answers.










Your winner for "Best pilates instructor," Robin Truxel of Tru Pilates, shows you a few moves to kick your workout up a notch.











At Circa, there’s no telling what you’ll find. Furniture, antiques, even a cocktail! Here, Jackie Binder (with help from a few employees) shows us her favorite things.










Got a thorn in your side? How about in your bicycle tire? Scott Paisley, co-owner of Blue Wheel Bicycles, shows you how to change a flat.










This year’s Best of C-VILLE is a little dog-centric. Check out this exclusive video from behind the scenes at the Paramount photo shoot with Grady, Dana, Sage and Poke.