Shopper’s world


Truth be told, there’s pretty much nothing better (in my small world) than sitting at my office desk, looking like I’m a very busy professional, when I’m actually typing things like “Discounted Marc Jacobs bags” into Google. Online shopping. I whisper the words to myself in a kind of awe. But really, have you ever tried it? It’s so fun! Sometimes, I go online shopping, put stuff in my shopping bag, and then close out of Firefox without having purchased anything. Yet, still I have experienced the thrill of the act.

The crème de la crème of online shopping is Active Endeavors. The clothes and accessories are young, fun, and they arrive magically in the mail! Oh, and well, they can get a little expensive. But that’s where the sales come in. This place has sales that rock the house…or rather, the wardrobe. For example, just last week I bought a beautiful Catherine Malandrino summer dress that was $545, but that they had marked down to $164! Doesn’t get much better than that methinks.

Peruse the virtual sale racks today and there’s plenty o’ Rebecca Taylor, Imitation of Christ, Daryl K, Nieves Lavi, Marc Jacobs, Ya-Ya, and more at half off or better. The only downside of this whole online shopping thing is that I am definitely spending more money online than I would just walking through stores in the real world. Don’t tell my dad.