Shop local from home with Relay Foods


If you haven’t tried Relay Foods (formerly Retail Relay) yet, you are missing out on something awesome!

I may have mentioned the fact that I share a fridge and family meals with three hungry boys (two toddlers, one adult husband). These guys have the metabolisms of Hummers. Long gone is the bi-weekly grocery run. We now need to restock one to three times per week. This is where Relay (as it is referred to by its users and staff) saves the day.

My heroes (photo courtesy of Relay Foods)

The way Relay works is simple: you log on to their website, select from an extensive list of groceries (and gifts, cleaning supplies, etc.), pay with your credit card, select a pick-up location (or home delivery), then go get your necessaries in one easy trip. They even put the bags in your car (bring your own reusable totes for extra greenie points)!

The first time I placed an order I was pleased to finally have a reasonable and comprehensive way to support local businesses. Relay Foods is locally owned and operated and nearly all of its offerings come from local sources. Many of the City Market vendors offer their nibblies via Relay. You can even get Carpe Donuts (complete with instructions on warming them to meet red caravan standards)! If you don’t see what you’re craving on their list of goods you can always drop the Relay folks an email and they will get back to you when the item has been added. It works- I’ve done it.
There is no minimum order amount and there is no fee for the service (except if you are having your order delivered to your door). The prices are barely higher than your big chain grocer but your time-savings makes Relay beyond worth it! On the green side, you can’t get much more Earth lovin’ than one stop, local farm shopping.

For another option for exquisite local produce and beyond check out Central Virginia Specialty Crop Buyer’s Club by contacting Mark Jones via email:

Have you tried Retail Relay or another online grocery service?


Ceci (from Relay) just let me know that Relay Foods would like to offer Green Scene readers a discount of $10 off any order of $100 or more! Enter GREENSCENE in the coupon box during checkout. Hooray and thanks, Ceci!