Sex Files


Sex Files: Always too early
It’s never too late for men to deal with premature ejaculation

Sex Files: Life after birth
Questions about sex abound for new moms

Sex Files: Love goes on holiday
Couples feel closer when they take time off from regular life

Sex Files: Slippery when dry
A woman’s guide to the wonders of personal lubricants

Sex Files: Love hurts
But there’s help for women who experience pain during sex

Sex Files: (Making) love is in the air
But is spring really the peak season for sexual desires?

Sex Files: Out of the shadow
There’s help for survivors of sexual abuse

Sex Files: Here to pay
Prostitution is back in the news, though it’s never really gone away

Sex Files: Hard to argue
Worldwide studies suggest sex is good for men’s health

Sex Files: Role reversal
Taking charge with the female condom

Sex Files: Not just for fun
Sex can be central to a healthy lifestyle

Sex Files: System overload
The warning signs that you’re an online porn addict

Sex Files: It’s a woman’s cyber world
The healthy and positive approach to adult entertainment on the Internet

Sex Files: In control panel
When it comes to getting aroused, women have more buttons to push than men

Sex Files: Reading the signs
Erotica can tune you in to what turns you on

Sex Files: Go with the flow
The mystery of female ejaculation

Sex Files: Butt seriously, folks
What to know if you’re among the 1 in 3 straight couples that have anal sex

Sex Files: Put on your party hats
When in doubt, go for safer sex

Sex Files: Sex and aging
Do the good times stop after middle age?

Sex Files: Turn to face the strange changes
New info on hormones and menopausal women

Sex Files: O God!
A few basics on the female orgasm

Sex Files: Just push “Play”
Inside the adult toy chest

Sex Files: It’s how you play the game
Don’t let performance anxiety ruin your sex life

Sex Files: The hard truth
If your partner can’t get hard, do you blame yourself?

Sex Files: Know your anatomy
Reflections on what’s between a woman’s legs