September ABODE plants ideas in your brain


Yes, dear readers, the new issue of ABODE is out. What’s in it for the eco-minded?

1. Woolly Pocket indoor planters, which allow you to grow houseplants right on your living room wall! Hello, indoor air quality!

2. Bamboo storage trays for all that junk your kids are hauling home from school.

3. Eat-in kitchen tables, which allow you to make the most of your bungalow’s small kitchen instead of having a McMansion built in Crozet.

4. Info on preserving and using tomatoes, which you might well be drowning in by now.

5. Tips for making your bedroom greener. No, I do not refer to the hue of your sheets.

6. Wisdom about compost—every greenie’s black gold.

Read, enjoy, and comment!