September 2010: Stuff We Love


Desktop basics

With school back in session there’s no better time to get organized. The good news: You don’t need a lot of fancy gadgets to bring order to your work space. Weights, containers and a sense of style are all that’s required to keep clutter at bay. Here are some of our favorite options from local stores.

From the top:

Address book ($37.50, Caspari, 100 W. Main St., 817-7880)


Letter opener ($50, Caspari)

Paperweight ($32, Patina Antiques, 2171 Ivy Rd., 244-3222)

Catch-all ($12, Rock Paper Scissors, 225 E. Main St., 979-6366)

Stapler ($85, Rock Paper Scissors)

Stamp holder ($205, Rock Paper Scissors)

Scissors ($8.50, O’Suzannah, 114 Fourth St. NE, 979-7467)




















Arresting lines

The castle-like profile is definitely unusual for homes in these parts, and those towering attic rooflines get us wondering about the heirlooms that might be stored within. We love the subtle blue-green window trim and we envy what seems to be a two-story sunroom. Perhaps the dining room features a round table?














Cook smarter


We’ve all been there: running back and forth between laptop and kitchen to do recipe conversions. Spare your laptop the gooey fingerprints and pick up a KitchenCalc, a multiuse device that can make your kitchen kingdom run a little smoother.

Confused about changing portion sizes, switching from Celsius to Fahrenheit, altering recipes for more or less portions, or converting units? (While we’re on the subject, exactly what is the difference between a dash and a pinch?) KitchenCalc handles the puzzling mathematics of cooking and even has a timer option that can be used while still using the calculator. The calculator is small enough to be handheld, so you can set the timer, slip it into your pocket and wander about until the kitchen beckons you back.  The Kitchen Calc has a flip-over hard case for easy storage and a vinyl cover keeps keys from trapping food.

A useful gift for a beginner or experienced chef, you can find the KitchenCalc for $24.95 at—Lucy Kim







Now you sea it

This whale pitcher swallows lemonade, iced tea or whatever you’re serving. We love the clever design and clean look of this piece, which you can spot (get it?) at O’Suzannah. $98.