September 2009: Instant Decorator

September 2009: Instant Decorator

One-of-a-kind welcome

It’s that time of year again: new pencils, new books, and a welcoming doormat to usher in chilly guests. This month’s project leaves you with just that, only completely personalized. Paint on your favorite shapes, your initial (as we did), or even your house number for a more contemporary twist. You could paint your rug freehand, but if you’re squeamish about that, you can use a stencil as we did.—Caite White


Materials: Sisal rug (found at any home improvement store), stencil, stencil brushes, masking tape, acrylic paint, spray fabric protector.
1. Tape down the stencil in the desired position.

2. Load up the stencil brush with paint and pound the open spots in the stencil with the brush. (In other words, don’t use it as you would a normal paintbrush. You want to pounce rather than drag.)

3. Let dry and repeat if necessary.

4. In a ventilated area, after the rug has dried thoroughly, spray it with the fabric protector.

5. Let dry. Enjoy!