September 2009: D.I.Y. Diary

September 2009: D.I.Y. Diary

When we first bought the house, we went for full protection, as above.

As the months went on, though, we got slightly more lax about it.

Close shaves

“Safety first,” is what we always repeat to each other, my husband and I, as we set up circular-saw cuts and position ladders and don safety goggles. Even worse than discovering termites in the timbers, or a secret crawlspace plumbing leak, would be to sacrifice a body part to the renovation cause. So we try to stay vigilant.

There are two problems, though. Number one, underneath a hardworking exterior, we are lazy. It’s not fun to put on goggles and ear protection every single time we use the saw, so—I’m sorry to say—we don’t always do it. Instead, while my husband makes a cut, I often stick my fingers in my ears and look the other way. And the last time I donned a dust mask, the ink was still drying on our mortgage papers.

Number two, surprises happen. I was surprised the time I looked behind me and noticed I’d very nearly fallen backward into the stairwell leading down from our attic. (A project that’s still on our list: Install railings.)

My husband was equally surprised the day he drilled right into the main electrical service line where it runs underneath the bedroom floor. He knew it was there and had carefully measured to make sure he’d miss it, but something went wrong. Fortunately, although we both saw an impressive flash of light, he didn’t get shocked.

I won’t tempt fate by making a declaration about our lack of injuries thus far. Safety first, yes—which means both vigilance and luck.—Spackled Egg