Running toward a “green commitment”


It’s not often that I actually enjoy being solicited for a donation, or officially encouraged to behave sustainably, but something about this particular situation just put me in a good mood. I was registering for a footrace in Lynchburg and up popped a page asking me if I wanted to make a $5 donation to Lynchburg Grows:

"Lynchburg Grows is partnering with the Virginia 10-Miler again this year to compost all food waste from the race. Lynchburg Grows is an urban farm, started in 2003, whose mission is to give all disadvantaged persons the ability and access to enjoy the benefits of gardening."

That’s a no-brainer: The answer is yes.

Then I was asked to make a "green commitment," choosing one of these options: donate used running shoes, carpool to the race, try public transportation during Try Transit Week, or buy local produce. I chose "donate shoes," since I will also be doing myself a favor by clearing out some clutter from the house, but what I loved about this was that there was also a tempting write-in option. How about "vociferously protest mountaintop removal"? Or "refrain from ordering a cheeseburger"? Or "turn off the damn light when you leave the room"?

Anyway, note to event organizers: I found this process to be inviting and engaging, and as a result there will be one less pair of shoes in the landfill. Nice work!