Running in ruffles?

Running in ruffles?

People go running in all sorts of inappropriate things. Take, for example, the c. 1985 Champion sweatpants and the treadless Converse high-tops of the guy that passed me during the Charlottesville 10-Miler a few weeks ago. The unconventional gear, obviously, didn’t slow him down any. But a skirt? That’s not the article of clothing that screams “Just Do It” to me.

Do you run faster when you feel cuter? We spotted this skirt at Charlottesville Running Company.

And yet, Nike now markets a skirt for running, as do all the other usual running-clothes makers, including Brooks and Sugoi. Plus, specialty athletic-skirt makers such as SkirtSports (founded by professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom) and have cropped up. All of the brands are made of high-performance, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics and come equipped with attached compression shorts or briefs to prevent the “I see London” problem.

I was skeptical of the trend until I tried on a few at Charlottesville’s Ragged Mountain Running Shop and found them to be comfortable (nothing to bunch between the legs!) and, dare I say it, cute. The clerk told me the shop started stocking the skirts—which range in price from $40 to $70—last year and that they’ve been very popular. Here’s what else I realized: For preventing a view of your backside jiggling in spandex, a running skirt is way better than tying a sweatshirt around your waist.