Red Rattles releases a new EP tonight


A promotional video for Red Rattles’ new EP, City Dogs, which the band releases tonight, claims that the tracks were recorded in some condemned house round here.

If that’s true, it’s a good piece of marketing info for the sometimes-two-piece, sometimes-three-piece (it varies, O.K.?). Frontman Luke Nutting, who I’m sure you know used to be in the much-loved Six Day Bender, sings like a man with a condemned throat, and plays a guitar that sounds like it should be condemned. I’ve been looking forward to hearing this EP in the hopes that it will stand up next to debut record Penny Sweets, the debut album released on St. Patrick’s Day.

Read more about Red Rattles in a Feedback column from earlier this year, or go to the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar to check out the show tonight. Opening is the punk-ish Nashville songwriter Pujol (née Daniel Pujol) who is notable for three reasons: He makes direct eye contact with people in the audience while playing (who does that?), recently recorded with Jack White, and is quite good.