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Humpback Rocks
Runner-up: Sugar Hollow
Back on top this year after a brief hiatus, Humpback Rocks prompts just one response from readers: Every day should be Hump day. The 740′ peak takes just 45 minutes to climb, but once at the top, hikers have a 360 degree view of the Shenandoah National Park, George Washington National forest and surrounding greenery.

Walnut Creek Park
Runner-up: Observatory Hill
Amateur biker beware: Walnut Creek is a challenge. A single track for five miles, the trail makes a twisty-turny adventure for those of you who like not only to ride, but ride rough. There’s a less intense trail for those who’d prefer to take a leisurely stroll around the park instead. To those few, we say, see below. For more information on this winner, click here.

Where else but Humpback Rocks can you get to the top of the world in 45 minutes? 

Earlysville Road
Runner-up: Free Union Road
Road biking is, undoubtedly, mountain biking’s less-grueling, enjoy-the-scenery sister hobby. As such, it requires a more picturesque setting. Readers say, for this new category, that setting is Earlysville Road. Mind the curves!

Pen Park
Runner-up: Greenleaf Park
A playground area, a volleyball court, eight tennis courts, a batting cage, a Little League field and three outdoor picnic shelters keep Pen Park No. 1, facing off against more than 20 local parks. And that includes your runner-up, with its mushroom fountain and interactive water pole.

Triple C Camp
Runner-up: Camp ACAC
It’s unclear what the three Cs of Triple C Camp stand for, but you readers don’t seem too concerned with that. As long as your kids are happy, Libby and H. Rothenberg’s summer camp will keep on winnin’, as it’s done this year for the second time in a row. Camp ACAC, a newcomer to Best Of, takes the runner-up spot with its age-specific camps and special features like a computer lab, movie theater and 30′ water slide. For more information on this winner, click here.

Run, river run: You say Rivanna Trail is the best place for a jog.

Rivanna Trail
Runner-up: UVA Grounds
In an inexplicable switcheroo, Ridge Road—last year’s winner—is not even represented in this year’s tabulation. In its place? The Rivanna Trail, with its ground-like features and surrounding flora. Your runner-up, UVA Grounds, provides a similar experience: Top-notch earth and lush greenery.

Runner-up: Old Trail
Always a crowd pleaser, Birdwood gets another Best Of win this year. As does the runner-up. Old Trail, an 18-hole public course, is located just 12 minutes west of the ’ville in Crozet. It boasts fairways “reminiscent of Scottish links courses.” We’re glad you readers know what that means. For more information this winner, click here.

Lizzie Clark at Bikram Yoga
Runner-up: John Piller and Hilary Steinitz Jackson of ACAC (tie)
Readers are still hot for Lizzie Clark; the instructor of the 105-degree exercise nabs the top spot again for the second year in a row. New to the list, though, are John Piller and Hilary Steinitz Jackson. In addition to her ACAC classes, Jackson’s a regular at Downtown yoga spot Studio 206. As for Piller, he runs ACAC’s yoga program. You dig his Kriya and Ashtanga expertise.

Robin Truxel of Tru Pilates
Runner-up: Carla Shifflett of Posture Studio
Former marathon runner Robin Truxel discovered Pilates after sustaining a back and hip injury. She loved it so much, she stuck with it. Now, she’s helping you stick with it, too. Two years as the top Pilates instructor in town, she’s your tried and tru winner. But don’t miss runner-up Carla Shifflett’s moves: She’s relocating to a Downtown storefront and working to get clients lined up at the new spot.

Runner-up: Gold’s Gym
With more than 75 pieces of equipment in each of its four locations in Charlottesville and Albemarle, all dedicated to helping you get in fighting shape, ACAC dominates this category. Gold’s Gym takes second place, with more than 44 years’ experience in the biz, including a star turn in 1977’s Pumping Iron, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. For more information on this winner, click here.

Onesty Pool/Meade Park
Runner-up: Washington Park
The human body contains 70 percent water, so it’s only natural that, this year, readers would flock to the city park that’s big on H2O. Renovated only a year ago, Meade Park’s Onesty Pool features three water slides, a lazy river and water sprinklers. You can find a pool at this year’s runner-up, too…along with a playground area and basketball courts.


Bill Burnett of Success Studio
Runner-up: Jenny Peterson of ACAC
Flip flop alert: Last year, you said this year’s winner was runner-up. Now, you say Bill Burnett is the tops! What gave him the edge? Sheer muscle, baby. That and his fun group classes, exercise know-how and passion for the job. Your runner-up, Jenny Peterson, continues to get physical at ACAC.



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