Readers respond to the March 24 issue


Fighting words

J. Tobias Beard: You suggest in your opening paragraph that the second knockout by Liston resulted in Patterson “ending his career” [“Lords of the ring,” March 17].  As a boxing historian, former NYC Golden Glover, recent trainer, certified referee and often-published boxing commentator and radio guest on the subject, let me correct you:

That 2nd KO by Liston was in 1963.

Patterson retired in 1972, 23 fights later and after two more attempts (one against Ali) to regain the crown.

Dr. Matthew Bowen

J. Tobias Beard replies
: While I meant that Patterson’s career was symbolically ended by his second loss to Liston, facts are facts and you are correct.

The Spielberg solution

Take them away, Dan Catalano [“Washington High,” The Odd Dominion, February 17]! Government stimulation sucks!

Part of the current economic problem has been generated by NAFTA. Corporations became multinational, utilized cheap labor for production, maintained price levels and pocketed the global profits.

Solution: Allow capitalism to work with government monitoring (not regulating) any greed, gouging or corruption. A percentage of profits should be used to fund social programs; levels should be designated, perhaps for every million in profit —10 percent tithing. This should include any person who earns $1 million within 365 days. (I suggest that the Hollywood Rich and Famous bail out California pro bono.)

Simplify the tax code in order to eliminate the cheating and greed that our politicians display. Eliminate the guaranteed income to physicians created by Medicaid and Medicare. How high can it go? No professional should earn a living through concentration on social programs. Physicians should compete for their incomes, they should contribute a percentage of time to the poor, and the AMA should clean up the health-care policies and restore a higher standard of ethical practices.

The U.S. of A. is the greatest of nations. Capitalism and diversity work. Nationalism does not have to be undermined in order to participate in a global economy. We need leaders (dedicated citizens) who place the future of this country as the primary goal, not personal profit and power. When they err, they should leave the government and, after rehabilitation, they should devote their lives to making amends. In other words, honesty, dignity and openness should be demanded of politicians who promise to serve the people and the country. Anything less is a disservice.

R.R. Strimecote