Readers respond to the March 17 issue


Squash, courted

Forever enshrined in my memory is the wonderful fried zucchini I had at a celebratory lunch at Ristorante Amalfi, after a successful presentation on Madison Avenue, over 30 years ago [“Crush to become Tavola,” Restaurantarama, March 17].

I never could find it again until suddenly, I looked down, and there it was on the menu at D’Ambola’s. I order it every time I’m there, and it’s always perfecto! A thin, crissssp crust on the outside, a soft but not mushy interior. Bellissimo!

Ed Russell

If u cn rd this

So our brain dead supervisors want to increase our taxes [“Will proposed county tax hike ruffle city-county relations?” Government News, February 24]. I presume they can’t read, since they apparently do not know that the country is going through its worse recession since the Great Depression. Have they been to school? Oh, and some pundits say we are already in a depression. But, no, our supervisors are so much in love with spending our money, they want more, more, more. (I read recently how the obscene increase in our budget far outraces the growth in population.)

To be constructive, as opposed to just mad as hell, here are two proposals. Change the growth in budget so that it reflects the growth in the population. Second, outsource all activities, since competition tends to lower prices but not services. Of course, if the supervisors can’t read, I guess these proposals are toast. A change in the Board, anyone? When are the next elections?
Derek Oppen

Morale code

Cathy Harding: In response to your “Read this First” in the March 17-23 issue, I pose the following, regarding your endorsement of Congressman “MORON’”s campaign to repeal DADT: What branch of the military did “MORON” serve in? What branch of the military did you serve in? Did you ever poll the military to ascertain their feelings about serving side by side with “gays”?

You talk about straining the military as if the repeal of DADT would greatly improve the morale of the “straights” serving.

I’ve got news for you: NO WAY!

Frederick W. Kahler
WW II Vet, Navy Pilot