Readers respond to the April 28 issue


Ho ho ho

You ask, “Did the Assembly do the right thing” in refusing Fed Funds [“Virginia politics must be over-stimulated,” The Odd Dominion, April 28]?: Bravo, General Assembly!

I, for one, am proud of our great Commonwealth for standing up and saying “No thanks” to the Fed and even prouder still that we set an example nationally by doing so. Your article suggests we should “just take the money.”

I asked a female co-worker if she would sleep with me for a million dollars. She thought for only a brief moment and then answered, “You bet I would!” After a moment, I asked her if she would do it for $20. This time, she huffed at me with righteous indignation: “Just what do you think I am, anyway?” I responded, “We’ve already determined what you are. Now we’re just haggling over price.”

In this context, Virginia has maintained its virtues.

Bob Coradi