Readers respond to the April 21 issue


Thanks for writing a fair article regarding the tea party [“Hundreds protest federal spending on Tax Day,” Government News, April 21].

Much to my dismay, our new President is turning out to be a severe disappointment. It is now abundantly clear that he had absolutely no fiscal experience in the real world prior to becoming the leader of the free world. He apparently never had to make a payroll or sift through endless tax laws. In the real world the burden of liability and labor laws are proving to be more painful than blisters and sore muscles for the small business owner.

Obama is running the presidency like a manchild. Scoffing off criticism like a spoiled fifth grader. “I didn’t do it,” “I wasn’t even born yet” and all the while squandering the public trust like a giddy child who just won the lottery. The reality of his actions in just a few months have already set us on a path towards devastation. You cannot spend TRILLIONS of dollars that don’t exist no matter whose political agenda it satisfies. We all need to look closer at a man who feels so empowered that he can fluff off our concerns with propaganda regurgitated by the mainstream media. Massive dollars are geared towards paying back his constituencies. He claimed $8 billion in earmarks is not a lot of money, then after the tea parties he says he’s going to make a whopping $100 million budget adjustment.

He makes speeches about getting us off foreign oil, then spends billions he doesn’t have on unproven, not profitable technologies while CUTTING BACK ON DOMESTIC OIL EXPLORATION. Anybody with half a brain knows to get away from foreign oil it takes all sources in combination to add up enough to make an impact. Those of you who attended the tea party understand all this.

If we do not spend our public money within our means, America’s end will not come on a battlefield, it will come in a courtroom after we bankrupt our children and drain our productive population in favor of a cancerous nanny state run by a manchild.

Pete Nardone