Read ABODE, get smart on kitchens and SIPs

Read ABODE, get smart on kitchens and SIPs

Hello, earthlings. Welcome to a new Tuesday, one which brings the January issue of ABODE to boxes and C-VILLEs around town. It’s got lots of treats for greenies, including an inside peek at that landmark house on the corner of Chesapeake Street near Riverview Park—you know, the big orange one with the awesome yard. It belongs to Chris Hays and Allison Ewing, who are its architects and occupants along with their two kids, and they talked with us this month about the green strategies they used way back when, a decade ago, as they built it. A lot of what they did, like using SIP panels, has become more standard and familiar by now, but it was pretty cutting-edge at the time.

Also, news on this house, the ecoMOD4 project on Elliott Avenue:

And we have tips on soil testing, paperless kitchens, and saving energy with your stove and fridge. I also love Lisa Reeder‘s examination of budget-friendly beef cuts, which are the tougher, but more flavorful cuts perfect for braising and stewing. It’s this kind of info that makes eating local easier.

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