Puppet masters


“So You Think You Can Dance”
Tuesday-Wednesday 8pm, Fox

This season is cursed. Between dancer injuries, a huge drop in ratings and a constantly shifting schedule, the first fall season of the venerable summer talent show has been disastrous. This week—more than two months into the show—America finally gets to vote for the first time, at the Top 16. That is unconscionable. As for who will get my votes, B-boy Legacy has my attention, as does krumper Russell. But it’s the non-pimped contestants this time that really catch my attention, such as spectacular contemporary dancers Jakob and Kathryn, Latin goddess Karen and quirky jazz babe Ellenore.

“Sesame Street”
Wednesday 10am, PBS

This week, “Sesame Street” starts its 40th season. Take that one in for a second: 40 years of “Sesame Street.” That is awesome. Also awesome is the line-up of guest stars that will appear over the course of the new episodes, including pop star Jason Mraz, actresses Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz, actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Rudd, funnymen Adam Sandler, Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon, athletes Kobe Bryant and Jeff Gordon, and best of all, First Lady Michelle Obama. Watching the preview nearly made me cry, and that is not an exaggeration. Would that we could all be home at 10am to chase the clouds away, sunny day or not.

“Tough Love”
Sunday 9pm, VH1

I was a fan of the first season of this self-help reality show, which bucked the usual VH1 trend of dozens of skanks competing for the affections of some has-been celebrity, and instead focused on real women trying to figure out why they’re perennially single. On “Tough Love,” matchmaker Steve Ward puts a handful of women through his “boot camp,” forcing them to analyze their destructive behaviors and past dating sins in the hopes that they can eventually find themselves in a happy, stable relationship. It sounds depressing, and Season One had a few notable meltdowns that were difficult to watch, but it was also ultimately uplifting, and surprisingly educational. Ward is back with eight new desperate single ladies who would like to put a ring on it, including Rocky, who previously appeared on “I Know My Kid’s a Star.” So I guess there’s one skank in the mix…