Pumpkin pie orphan


We grew some nice pumpkins this year, a gooseneck variety:

Last week, I was talking to my mother on the phone and she mentioned that we’re tasked with bringing the pumpkin pies to the big Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house. Great! I said. We have real pumpkins. We can make a real pumpkin pie.

Er, well, I already bought the canned pumpkin, she said.

Right–since the cans won’t keep, we’d better use them up and save these real, fresh, homegrown, organic pumpkins for some other holiday where pumpkin pie is traditionally eaten.

Undeterred, I saw another opening when talking with my dad a few days later. We were planning a second dinner at his house. I’ll bring the pumpkins! I said. We can make a real pumpkin pie!

Have you ever made a pie from an actual pumpkin? he asked, rather smugly.

Yes! I said. I’ve made several pies with our pumpkins. They’re really good.

I like the canned stuff better, he said.

Jeez! I can’t give these things away.

And so, this year, I will be officially giving thanks that there is MORE REAL PUMPKIN PIE FOR ME.