Pregnant pause


“16 and Pregnant” 

Tuesday 10pm, MTV

One of the more controversial entries in MTV’s reality programming is “16 and Pregnant,” about young mothers-to-be, which begins its second season tonight. There are two ways to think about the show: First, it’s deplorable because it exploits minors during the most stressful months of their lives, while glorifying teen pregnancy. Second, it’s a potent anti-pregnancy tool that details the hardships expectant parents face, and shows how babies will impact their parents’ lives in not-so-positive ways. There’s truth to both arguments, but I wince when I consider that the show has already had a spin-off, and some of Season 1’s moms have become quasi-celebrities. One of them was even rumored to be dating one of the “Jersey Shore” tools. That can’t be a good message for anyone.
“Funny or Die Present” 
Friday midnight, HBO
A couple years ago, before his movies started to really suck, Will Ferrell teamed up with writer/director Adam McKay to create, a comedy website where comedians can post original sketches and bits, and users vote as to whether the clips are funny (if they’re not, they die). It was an attempt to take advantage of that whole Internets thing the kids keeping talking about, and the site has launched several major viral video hits, including Ferrell’s own “The Landlord.” Last year HBO bought a share of the site, and now the cable network is launching its own version of the site, with comedy bits culled from the site and original stuff made just for the show.
“2010 Winter Olympics” 
Saturday 1-11:30pm, Sunday noon-11:30pm, NBC
If you only watch a day or two of Olympic coverage this year, this is the weekend to sprout tubers into your couch. It’s like a frost-bitten poo-poo platter up in here: On Saturday you’ll get women’s freestyle skiing, ski jumping, men’s cross-country skiing, bobsled, and plenty of current media darlings Lindsey Vonn (downhill skiing) and Apolo Ohno (speed skating). On Sunday you’ll get the official Olympic debut of ski cross, the men’s biathlon, men’s hockey, and ice dancing, unquestionably the lamest of the skating events. (The good skating stuff —men’s and pairs—is on earlier in the week.)