Perriello to Goode: Let’s get it on [January 9]

Perriello to Goode: Let’s get it on [January 9]

Four months of fundraising has made Albemarle county native Tom Perriello the Democratic challenger to Virgil Goode, Bob Gibson of The Daily Progress reported today. Perriello has raised more than $263,000 since September, setting the stage for a run at the 5th District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives that Goode has held since he was elected in 1996.

Perriello v. Goode will certainly be a good test of that notion.

Perriello claimed the de facto nomination when the last Democratic contender, David Shreve, removed himself from consideration, citing lack of fundraising. Unseating the six-term incumbent Goode will be no small challenge. But political times are a changin’ in Virginia. With Jim Webb’s upset victory over George Allen for a U.S. Senate seat and front-running Democratic candidates (and Dennis Kucinich) making fundraising stops in once-solidly-Republican Virginia, many political types say the state is turning from bright red to a more purpleish hue.

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