Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule are moving to Germany


Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri have long set the high water mark for songcraft in town, to say nothing of their annual Valentine’s Day shows and regular appearances on albums by local musicians.

But time has come to say goodbye: Sproule confirmed by phone last week that the pair is moving to Berlin (no, that’s not a town in Virginia) at the end of August. Though locally loved, the pair does particularly well across the pond. 

Like a string of past records Sproule’s latest, I Love You, Go Easy, has been well-received. Curreri’s also got a new album, The Big Shitty, due out in October. Tin Angel Records, which releases material by both songwriters, is running a giveaway for those interested in remixing a track from Curreri’s new album.

Catch ’em before they leave town at a “Faretheewell” show at the Jefferson Theater on August 27. Keep your eyes on this blog in the coming weeks for more.

Check out a Podcast from earlier this year by former Feedback (and current C-VILLE news editor) Brendan Fitzgerald about Sproule and Curreri’s Valentine’s Day shows, from the "I Like You" Podcast series.