Parachute: cleaning up the band name


Local scene followers cringed early this year when pop-rock band Sparky’s Flaw changed its name to “Parachute VA.”

Word on the street was that when Nivea, the maker of bottled skin-and haircare products, used the boys’ song “She is Love” in a TV commercial, they forced a name change to keep the "flaw” away from the “flow,” so to speak.

Not so, says Bruce Flohr, the LA-based executive from Red Light Management, which represents the band. “For six months, the band had wanted to change the name. They spent countless hours with countless lists of ideas.”

When the Nivea deal came up and Flohr arranged to get the band name listed in the commercial itself (like a music video), the band had to make a quick decision or else be Sparky’s Flaw forever (at least in the minds of those who watch personal care ads).

Flohr also let us know that the band’s name is now simply “Parachute.” That name had been already in use elsewhere—hence “Parachute VA” for a few weeks and in the Nivea ad (below)—but negotiations since that time have the guys parachuting in all states of the union.