Pairings we'll miss

Pairings we'll miss

Sure, you can still smoke. But can you smoke as the waiter clears your plate, blowing rings over that little dish of creamers that only exists in restaurants? Nope. An era has ended. And along with it, some classic pairings of local menu items with their tobacco-based soulmates. Here are five we’ll miss.


Portobello Napoleon with an American Spirit at Michael’s Bistro

Sweet tea with a Newport at Tip Top

Hot toddy with a clove cigarette
at Escafé

Black coffee with a Camel Unfiltered at Waffle House

Glenfiddich with a cigar at Aberdeen Barn
Yes, we’re in mourning for fine culinary moments like these. At least we’ll always be able to stay home, whip up a meatloaf, and roll our own.