Your July 22, 2008 edition claimed that changes at city pools were “going swimmingly” and that fears of overcrowding were “uncalled-for” [“City residents adjust to pool changes, Government News”]. It needs to be pointed out that one indoor pool has been closed during the summer for the last five years. Because there is additional lap swimming available at Washington Park and Meade Pool, one indoor facility is (and has been) sufficient for the needs of swimmers. The overcrowding will be obvious after Labor Day, when the outdoor pools close.  In fact, about three years ago, the city kept the outdoor pools open during September because there were problems with opening Smith Pool and Crow was overwhelmed by the number of swimmers using the pool.

The winter (or fall) will definitely bring a less happy story.

Lisa Grove


Tom thumbs up

Thank you, C-VILLE, for the inspiring story last month about Jesse Gottschalk and how he fulfilled two objectives of volunteering for community service with Habitat for Humanity and supporting Tom Perriello, the Fifth District candidate for Congress [“Unconventional campaign work,” Government News, June 24, 2008]. Tom’s initiative of “tithing” volunteer hours speaks highly to the character of the man seeking to unseat Virgil Goode.
I met Tom Perriello when he was enrolled at Henley Middle School, where I was the librarian. As a student, Tom was already a leader who was respected by his teachers and his classmates. He was also an Eagle Scout in the Stonewall Jackson Area Council.

As an adult, Tom has further distinguished himself. After earning a law degree from Yale University, he accepted an assignment working to end atrocities in the West Africa countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone. He then became Special Advisor for the International Prosecutor during the showdown that forced the Liberian dictator, Charles Taylor, from power without a single shot being fired. Tom has also worked in Darfur and Afghanistan.

Raised by his parents to believe that “to whom much is given, much is expected,” Tom has dedicated himself to community service. It is only right and proper that he expects the same commitment to community service from the people such as Mr. Gottschalk who are assisting in his campaign. 

Yes, the time has come for a new generation of leaders, people such as Tom Perriello, who don’t just talk the talk, but live the life that sets the best example for us all. Please take the time to learn more about him and the knowledge, experience and energy he can provide as the U.S. congressman to Virginia’s Fifth District at: perrielloforcongress.com.

Jeannine “JJ” Towler

Albemarle County

Fired up

I was thrilled to read about the publicity Jinx Kern and Pit’s Top Barbeque has been recently receiving [“The July of Jinx,” Restaurantarama, July 29, 2008]. The world now knows that Jinx serves terrific barbeque (not to mention cucumbers!), and the recognition couldn’t be coming to a nicer guy.

Marcelle Morel

Albemarle County