October 2010: Stuff We Love


Bowled over

Made from 100 percent recycled material in a family-owned Cairo workshop, these food-safe bowls incorporate both style and function. $6.50 each at Artifacts. (111 Fourth St., NE, 295-9500)









Wrap it up


There’s something exciting about unwrapping a new gadget. The perfect hardware, the glossy sheen of an untouched screen—oh yes! Keep that “love at first sight” feeling going strong by protecting your electronics against the wear and tear of daily usage. Toss aside flimsy pre-packaged protective film, and upgrade to a longer-lasting solution—Wrapsol offers “scratch-proof protection system[s]” for any electronic you own.

Wrapsol film fights smudges and scratches, yes, but it’s also thin enough to maintain touch sensitivity and visual sharpness. The Wrapsol ultra is even strong enough to protect against drop damage. The film is custom-cut to fit the specific contours of your device, and Wrapsol handles special requests for any electronic not found on the company’s extensive list.

Wrapsol also pledges to make a donation to Cool Earth, a charity that aims to protect and preserve rain forests in Brazil and Ecuador, for every product sold. Wrapsol film ranges from $24.95 to 49.95. Whether you’ve got butter fingers or just prize perfection, check out the goods at wrapsol.com.—Lucy Kim


Put it on the table

The right lamp is both a utility player (illuminating your crossword puzzles and dog-eared novels) and an MVP (pulling a room together from its prominent place on the side table or nightstand). We recruited these talents from local shops.

From left: The Artful Lodger (218 W. Market St. 970-1900) $319; The Shade Shop & Lighting Gallery (2125 Ivy Rd. 293-1361) $225; Sustain (406 W. Main St. 244-0028) $320.



From left: And George (3465 Ivy Rd. 244-2800) $375; O’Suzannah (114 4th St. NE 979-7467) $66; Quince (126 Garrett St. 296-0062) $325.