October 2009: Instant Decorator

October 2009: Instant Decorator

All good things come in threes. The Dixie Chicks, tennis balls, SweetTarts, and this month’s project: decorative mirrors. Of course, you wouldn’t have to make only three of these. We have visions of filling up an entire wall with them, each covered in a different pattern. And, for less than $3 each (what’d we tell you?), it’s a definite possibility. Three cheers to great taste!—Caite White

Materials: Three wooden frames, three pieces of scrapbooking paper in a pattern of your choice, three round mirrors big enough to cover the open space where a picture would go (found at any craft store), super glue, Mod Podge, craft paint in a color that complements your paper.

Tools: X-Acto knife, two paintbrushes.

Paint the inside of the frame.

After it dries, use Mod Podge to glue the paper onto the front of the frame and wrap it neatly around the edges. Glue to the back of the frame.

If you want, paint the frame with Mod Podge to give it a glossy finish.

Once dry, super glue the mirror to the back of the frame, leaving the mirror to appear through its opening.

Repeat on the two remaining frames.