Obama supporters dare to wear campaign garb


Despite the mid-October ban of politically charged clothing by the Virginia State Board of Elections, voters are still wearing their desired candidates on their sleeve.

Reporting from the Dunlora precinct at the Charlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center, C-VILLE’s Larry Banner says there have been the occasional political buttons and t-shirts to be turned inside out, but with no major issues. And, he adds, they were all in support of Barack Obama for president.

Of course, with the Board’s reiteration of the rules—no campaining within 40′ of a polling station—comes specific questions: Can an election worker park their car within 40′ feet of the polling station if they have a bumper sticker supporting a candidate? Can someone with a campaign bumper sticker drop off a voter?

Says Banner, at most polls, you cannot park a car within 40′ of the polling location, but the latter question is a non-issue.