November 2010: Stuff We Love


Small but powerful

Renting a room with no good kitchen access? Want to really trick out a guest suite? Get in touch with your poetic side: Avanti’s compact kitchens are kind of like haikus—compact and contained, trim and thoughtful. The compact kitchens range from 2.4 to 3.8 cubic feet, and all units pack quite a punch into a small space: They include a sink, backsplash, stovetop, storage area, and small refrigerator.

Improving efficiency is all about streamlining and downsizing. Avanti is an alternative to the typical luxury kitchen with double-door fridge, marble-topped everything, and built-in TV. This functional kitchen could fit in even the smallest of dwellings. If you have a mere two and a half feet of spare space, you have enough room for a compact kitchen. 

The price is small too: $600-700. Take a peek at—Lucy Kim


Tight ship

It’s not just the uber-bucolic Albemarle location that makes us swoon—though that’s certainly a factor. No, this is about as perfect a brick farmhouse as you’d hope to find, from fine white-painted detailing to gracious siting to what we imagine is an abundance of fireplaces (not one but two chimneys!). These are some lucky Batesvillians.












Sharp style

If your Thanksgiving turkey must get carved up, the deed might as well be done with these classy tools. The French mother-of-pearl knife and fork, designed by Claude Dozorme, are resplendent with two-tone metal detailing—something to be thankful for, indeed. $167 at the Happy Cook.



Man’s best friend

A footstool’s real job is just to prop up your aching dogs. But it can also add a note of class to a room, as long as it’s one of these hardworking beauties we found locally.

Clockwise from top left: $130, World Market (1615 Emmet St., 295-6232); $755, The Artful Lodger (218 W. Market St., 970-1900); $145, Patina Antiques (2171 Ivy Rd., 244-3222); $1350, Caspari (100 W. Main St., 817-7880); $196, Oyster House (122 E. Main St., 295-4757)