November 2009: Instant Decorator

November 2009: Instant Decorator

Put your stamp on it

Kind of like a buffet table on Thanksgiving, we here at Instant Decorator like to give you options. This month’s project does just that: Use this fabric-stamping technique on hankies (they make a nice stocking stuffer), shower curtains, window coverings, table cloths…even bed skirts! Since the holidays are coming up, we chose napkins, but the world is your oyster. Don’t say we never gave you anything.

Materials: Cotton napkins ($7.99 for four at Target), fabric paint (found at any craft store), stamp, seed beads in complementary color to ink, thread.
Tools: Needle, scissors, foam brush.

Use foam brush to gently apply paint to stamp (make sure it isn’t gloppy!) and test impression on scrap paper. When comfortable with this, apply stamp to napkin in desired location. Repeat on all napkins.
Let dry.
Sew beads to napkins in desired location.